LEON is a company that actively strives to contribute to a better environment. We do this by continual analysis of the environmental impact of our operations.

LEON will:

  • • Increase the knowledge and awareness of environmental issues of all co-workers
  • • Collaborate with other companies, organizations and authorities in order to reach our overall ambition
  • • Consider environmental improvements as investments
  • • Pre-empt and prevent pollution in the air, ground and water


LEON has a plan of action that supports our intent. The Business Support Manager at LEON is responsible for follow-ups and updates. This shall be carried out at four occasions every year.

The plan of action consists of:

  • Waste separation at source
    • We separate all our waste and paper for recycling

  • Energy savings
    • We strive to increase the use of digital communication between co-workers, clients and suppliers in order to save paper
  • • We take all measures available to lower the energy consumption in our server room
  • • LEON uses low-energy lights

  • Environmental procurement
    • LEON will always consider environmental aspects in all procurements. This includes everything from travel and fuels to paper and pencils
  • • Our recommendations always propose environmentally sound options for choice of paper for brochures, etc.

  • Demands on our products and services
    • LEON strive to replace products in our operation that are not produced in an environmentally sound way or consist of environmentally dangerous substances.

  • Demands on suppliers
    • One of our targets is to promote and encourage environmental efforts of our main suppliers.

  • Fuels
    LEON always chooses the best available fuel for transport and uses driving techniques that saves fuel.
    • The travel arrangement function promotes public transportation before car transport
  • • If possible, we strive to increase the use of web-, phone- and videoconferencing.

  • Information for co-workers, clients and suppliers
    • All LEON co-workers will understand and accept LEON's environmental ambitions. New recruits are informed of our policies.
  • • We strive to keep an ongoing dialogue with all our clients and suppliers in order to find new and environmentally better solutions


Postadress: Citat AB, Skolgatan 1, 602 25 Norrköping
Besöksadress: Knäppingsborgsgatan 2, Norrköping
Växel: 011- 473 36 00