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Visualiseringscenter C

Web portal

The Visualization Centre C in Norrköping is a melting pot of ideas, research, science, experiences and commercial applications, all exploring the potential of visualization. Located just a few hundred meters from LEON´s head office in Norrköping, we gladly helped when our friends at C (as it is called for short) needed a new web portal and a pre-show infotainment film to run before the regular events in their dome theater.

The web portal proved to be a great example of how it is possible to turn a problem into a possibility. Given the complex nature of the different activities going on at Visualization Centre C, the website had to address a wide spectrum of visitors, from occasional visitors to the exhibitions, scientist, businesses, schools… the centre has a lot of different stakeholders. By letting the visitor adjust four levers according to their own interest, the site is then automatically tailored to every visitor.

When visiting the Visualization Centre C and one of the dome shows, you would probably like to know that the pre-film is produced by LEON.


Postal address: Citat AB, Skolgatan 1, 602 25 Norrköping
Visiting address: Knäppingsborgsgatan 2, Norrköping
Phone: +46 11- 473 36 000