When Väderstad decided to take on an entirely new field of farming equipment, planters, their premium brand postition and ambitions made it clear that just another planter wouldn't be good enough. This approach resulted in the Väderstad Tempo - a machine that will set the standard for speed, accuracy and yield maximization for years to come.

LEON took on the challenge to create a launch website for Tempo. With very simple means, the benefits are clearly illustrated and dramatized. The site, that has been translated for several markets, offers rich media content, supplied by many different sources. Some of the video material was produced by Väderstad's own employees at test sites, adding an extra level of authenticity.

A much appreciated part of the site is the "planting simulator" that effectively illustrates the difference in speed, accuracy and yield Tempo offers compared to its competitors.

The site was also delivered in an off-line stand-alone version, for sales support and presentations.


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