Informative campaign regarding congestion tax in Gothenburg


Informative campaign regarding congestion tax in Gothenburg

The purpose of the congestion tax is to improve accessibility and the overall atmosphere in the city centre, as well as to co-finance investments in public transports, railway and roads.

Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) asked LEON to develop the communication concept for the information campaign. The aim was to inform the Gothenburg citizens of the launch date, rules and practicalities and also to promote direct debit as a convenient payment method.

The result presents the Swedish Transport Agency as a transparent and reliable organization with great understanding of how the congestion tax will affect the citizens. The communication addresses the issue in a clear, non-bureaucratic way, talking with instead of to the people.

The concept was carried out on billboards, City Backlite signs, buses and trams. In addition, informative spots for TV, cinema and radio were broadcasted during the autumn/fall of 2012.


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