Every summer Stadium, Sweden's biggest supplier of sports and leisure equipment, arranges the Stadium Sports Camp in Norrköping, Sweden. Around 6000 children between 11-14 get together to try out a range of sport activities, all led by skilled instructors. The website works as a hub for applications and information, as well as a source for inspiration. Continuous communication between the children, parents and instructors is channelled through the web platform.

In time for the Sports Camp 2010, the website was due for an update in line with the new Stadium Sports Camp graphic profile. There was also a need for a more vibrant and committed approach, which would be attractive to young people primarily. The website would accentuate the joy of sports and activities, while supplying an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both children and their parents. The solution LEON provided was created in the open source program Umbraco. is colorful, fresh and modern, emphasizing the joyful community of an active life of sports. The interface is flexible, easy to use and communicative, with intuitive functions. Up-to-date information is published through a news function along with a blog, providing instant accurate updates. New images and films are also uploaded regularly to further boost inspiration.

The new website was a success and Stadium is very pleased with LEON's results.


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