Siemens SWT 2.3-113

On the very same day the Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine was launched, we got a phone call from Denmark. It was Siemens Wind Power in Brande asking if we could help them launch their latest addition to their direct drive wind turbine range, the SWT 2.3-113. We took on the challenge, that also incorporated the need for an exhibition feature that really stood out, or as it turned out, blew the target group away.

The SWT 2.3 is optimized for low to medium wind conditions, hence the launch concept "Turning moderate conditions into maximum results". This concept was executed in many different medias, where the exhibition feature and its social media connectivity really stand out.

The exhibition idea, the Siemens Wind Challenge, was designed, programmed and built by LEON, and was set in a full scale model of the turbine's nacelle. The visitor could interact with the wind itself, estimating the low to moderate wind speeds to challenge his or her wind expertise - and in a very sensatory way experiencing that the new SWT 2.3-113 captures more energy even in a light breeze. Every participant could sign up for more information thereby earning a personalized certificate together with a Facebook fanpage posting.

The Siemens Wind Challenge has been touring the world in different shapes and sizes throughout 2011, creating leads, smiles and exciting hair-dos along the way.

People who couldn't attend the exhibitions were invited to the web feature, where the product could be explored in all its technical detail.




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