The Business School Inspiring electricity

Schneider Electric

The Business School Inspiring electricity

Nowadays, most people are interested in home interior, design and modern comfort. And, at the same rate as the energy costs increase, rises also people's interest in how electric functions can be utilised to decrease their energy consumption. Yet, few professional electricians get to install such equipment for their customers. This paradox surely deserved some enlightenment.


Schneider Electric decided to start a business school, teaching installers the latest installation techniques as well as the ability to detect their customers' complete needs. For instance, they learned not only to perform an installation as ordered, but also to suggest improvements, inform on smart functions and respect their customers' interior design and style when choosing products.


LEON created the schoolbook "Inspiring electricity" - a portable and easily used sales tool in a box, including sales folders and installation cut-out samples, sized to fit perfectly in the installer's pocket.


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