Schneider Electric versus Yesterdays Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric versus Yesterdays Electric

Every year, Sweden's biggest electricity fair is held in Gothenburg and attracts approximately 30,000 electricians. Among the exhibitors, they will of course always find Schneider Electric. At Elfack 2011 Schneider Electric chose to communicate its advantages with the help of LEON.


So what's so special with the solutions provided by Schneider Electric?  Well, in contrast to traditional products and installation habits, they are modern and time saving. To demonstrate this in an entertaining and obvious way, the theme "Schneider Electric versus Yesterdays Electric" was invented.


Two installers, named Schneider Electric and Yesterdays Electric, were challenged to compete when installing the solutions from Schneider Electric and the ones commonly used yesterday. Images from the competition between these two gentlemen were used as illustrations in banners, invitations, displays, signboards and ads. Visitors were invited to watch all the challenges and the outcome on a standard gauge 64:9 film shown on a giant screen above the Schneider Electric booth at Elfack.



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