Schneider Electric


Every Nordic electrician is familiar with Thorsman. This company was now about to be integrated with Schneider Electric and turned into a range name only. It created a lot of internal question marks. At the same time Thorsman was about to launch its biggest news in 25 years: the OptiLine Installation System, with some parts still on the drawing table. How to deal with the situation?


This is the answer: replace internal question marks with exclamation marks! For a drastic reduction of the time before OptiLine could be introduced to the market, LEON used CGI (Computer Generated Images) to create photo realistic images of the complete OptiLine system, including parts which did not yet exist in real life. The images were published in a brochure labelled Top Secret, which intentionally "leaked out" internally and to VIP contacts. The brochure also contained a presentation of the product, the marketing plan and the benefits summed up in these clear key statements: 100% new; 75% less parts; 50% faster to install; 25% more value for money and 0% troubles.


The Top Secret brochure spawned anticipation and curiosity, fuelling the true external launch with extra energy. Both brand migration and sales were exceeding expectations. One year after the launch, 80% of the specifiers and 51% of the installers are familiar with OptiLine and its key statements.


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