Launch of the new Scania Streamline

LEON had the opportunity to carry out the global launch of the new Scania Streamline, Scania's largest launch in 2013.

At Scania development never stops, and Scania Streamline is the most advanced truck so far from the legendary Swedish truck manufacturer. With a firm foundation based on Scania's brand philosophy, we created a campaign around how Scania Streamline and Scanias principle of continuous improvements make business better for the target group. Improved fuel consumption, durability and uptime, as well as new services and mobile solutions, were some of the focus points throughout the campaign.The communication concept was developed from a distinctly brand- and customer-oriented approach. Authentic. Warm. Human. Confident. 

The campaign began with a live-streamed press conference and video launch through social media. At the same time the campaign site was unveiled. Besides communicating the news of Scania Streamline, the site featured video interviews with Scania's own engineers. Scania's own social channels on Facebook and Twitter were used for spreading the news. The campaign was completed with event material, ads, print materials and banners for markets worldwide.

Visit the Streamline website here


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