Global launch of Scania Gensets

In informal terms, a genset is a diesel unit generating power in areas with no access to electricity. It can also be used as backup power. Scania is a new actor on this relatively generic market - there are only minor differences between similar products. And on some markets there can be a dozen of competing brands.

LEON was asked to create a global launch campaign towards a few specified target groups, who usually face the competitors' monotonous statements of reliability and efficiency. To distinguish Scania we chose a more emotional message - "Plug in and relax. It's a Scania Genset.". A strong and solid expression, which defines Scania as a reliable partner while using the strong brand as a guarantee. There was also a need for startling imagery that would draw attention and stand out from the competitors' general flow of product pictures. We chose to focus on customer benefits by creating digital miniature worlds, adapted to the target groups. The genset was placed as a reflecting image. In addition, we used different environments from all over the world, all natural locations for a Scania Genset.

The Scania Gensets were launched at the Middle East Electric Fair in Dubai. LEON created all communication elements in the booth.

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