Scania Euro 6

Scania is the pioneer when it comes to fulfilling the toughest emission standard - Euro 6 (EU legislation for heavy vehicles). The development of the engines as well as the advanced cleaning system has been carried out by Scania internally.

With the overall communicative message "Scania Euro 6 - Setting the standard", Scania pinpoints what to expect of future Euro 6 engines. By ensuring that the strict Euro 6 requirements are met, yet maintaining performance and fuel consumption, the true heroes are the engineers. Along with the engine and the drivers, the engineers play the leading part in the campaign.

LEON created an integrated campaign for print, web, point of sales and social media. The campaign site is the hub of the communication, presenting the compact solution, client benefits etc. To respond to the clients' strong interest in new technical benefits, LEON put a lot of effort into presenting Scania's cutting-edge technology in a pedagogic manner, using CGI animations.



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