Graphic Identity


Graphic Identity

When EKN chose to update their visual identity, they looked for a modern and stylish design that combined freshness, clarity and function with an expression not too far from their existing one. So that is what we delivered.

EKN uses their graphic guide frequently so it really had to be intuitive and easy to use. There was also a stated need for an alignment in photography style as well as documentation of cases.

EKN has a broad audience - from small businesses to multinational corporations and their customers worldwide. It's important that the profile radiates the same feeling, regardless of the recipient and independently of which media is used. The logotype was to retain its traditional and business-like look, but LEON also saw the opportunity to modify the design to make the logo easier to use and work better in different environments. The new profile had to work together with the existing one during a transitional period.

The new graphic manual provides visual guidelines including photo style, colour, fonts and layout for all communication materials. The profile is easy to use and generates final products that are appreciated by both EKN and their clients. In the end it's always about creating a visual look that is attractive, solid and professional.


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