Confidence figures


Confidence figures

EKN's customer promise is "Creating confidence in your exports". To dramatize the customer benefits of the promise in a new way, LEON came up with a campaign theme that focuses on an inner sense: "Confidence figures".

There is always an inspiring balance in working with EKN's communications. They are actually an authority, but an authority that is flexible, businesslike and close to its customers. We looked for a theme that in a warm and personal way could highlight the professional business benefits that collaboration with EKN leads to.

With a guarantee from EKN in their back pocket, exporters feel an inner security. Thereby they can act quickly and rationally, always knowing they can deliver. That shows. Based on this insight LEON presented the theme "Confidence figures" and illustrated it through body language - "The steady eye", "The reliable smile" and "The firm handshake." The theme runs right through EKN's communications during the campaign period.


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