Brand Platform


Brand Platform

When it comes to communication, EKN is a role model for all government agencies. Not only because they are really good at what they do, but also for having implemented a clear, positive approach in their written and spoken communication. However, the wide range of target groups along with many complex messages really require a reliable brand platform.

The purpose of a brand platform is to determine the communicative guidelines, as well as act as an overall source of inspiration. The platform will also present messages and wording with the correct tonality to all target groups - a fact that stresses the need for a clear design and a pedagogic structure. 

The communication agency Grayling carried out interviews and analyses that LEON concretized and tweaked, resulting in an effective and educative platform.

The brand platform we created is graphically attractive and easy to use, both in terms of concrete messages and the general tone-of-voice. EKN is very pleased with the platform and claims that this document is the best of its kind ever.


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